Warehouse Management system

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Easytracking is powerful application for courier Industry. It is a completely integrated software package developed exclusively for the courier industry. "Completely integrated" means one complete application, not a modular-based suite of applications. We have launched Eastracking in many modules. There are different modules for courier, cargo, international freight forwarders, logistics etc; all products are having its own specialty and features. Here we are some overall features of Courier Software..... The package is Specially developed for Franchise based courier who are using many coureirs.

Warehouse Managment System Reports
  • Easy to Install and Learn
  • Complete Centrilized Databse
  • Stock Status Managment
  • Multi-Option Putaway
  • Flaxible Item Pick Options
  • Dispatch Confirmation Process
  • Movements, Transfer and Housekeeping
  • Location Managment
  • Stock Tranfer
  • Location Transfer
  • Bar Code Sticker Printouts and Managment
  • Generate Outbound Pick Ticket
  • Generate Inbound Pick Ticket
  • Delivery Tracker
  • Cycle Counting
  • Order Packing
  • Outbound Labeling
  • Security Managment
  • SKU Managment
  • Put Away Reports
  • Order Reports
  • Despatch Reports
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Stock Reports
  • Location Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • Exporting to PDF and Excel