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Easytracking helps to integrate various functions from operations to billing to accounts to sales. Easy tracking caters to various courier modules such as operations, billing, transshipment billing, delivery details, tracking, payment details etc. It is a complete cloud based application. Complete software runs on the browser. No need to install the software in every branch. All the modules can be attach to each other or can be distribute individually. We can provide this software in desktop based also

Here is a brief of different modules of Easy Tracking.

Operation Control TRACK & TRACE
  • Document series control and allocation
  • Docket Booking, Edit and Cancellation
  • Docket Quick entry, financial completion
  • Trip Hire Contract for market, attached, own
  • Pickup and Delivery Runsheet
  • Unloading and Vehicle Unloading Sheet
  • Consignment detention
  • Short and Extra Shipment Managment
  • Hopping routes and transshipment
  • Return goods entry
  • Docket tracking- quick and detailed
  • Docket life cycle progress
  • Customer invoice/PO number based tracking
  • Drill down tracking: THC to Manifest to Docket
  • Tracking of past transactions
  • Mobile based tracking
  • POD scanning
  • Customer contracts: slab wise, mode wise
  • Vendor contracts
  • Docket entry based on contracts
  • BA management
  • Purchase order generation
  • Fixed Asset acquisition, sale/ disposal
  • Asset issue and transfer
  • Depreciation calculations
  • Asset register
  • Customer group wise billing
  • Bill types: Freight, Demurrage, Octroi
  • Bill cycle management: generation, submission and collection
  • Multiple locations billing: generate at location A, submit at B and collect at C
  • Accounts Receivable age analysis
  • Credit limit enforcement
  • Vendor bill entry and payments
  • Accounts payable age analysis
  • Expense Register
  • On account receipts management
  • Cheque management
  • Funds Transfer
  • Credit and Debit Notes
  • Bank reconciliation
Vehicle Management ACCOUNTS
  • Trip Slip generation
  • Fuel calculation
  • Driver amount settlements
  • Own, Hire and Transport vehicle calculations
  • Centralized Chart of Accounts
  • Automatic accounts entries posting
  • Voucher preparation, approval and payments
  • Online location wise profit & loss
  • Cash flow statements
  • Customer support: Tracking, rates, billing, service information
  • Customer call registration and assignment
  • Enquiry to business generation tracking and analysis
  • Group and customer wise secure login
  • Any to any location, past document tracking
  • Business summary, delivery performance
  • Billing information, duplicate bills
  • Scanned documents: POD, Octroi receipt
  • Integration with Mobile gateway
  • Data capture from GPS devices
  • Data capture from bar code devices
  • User access rights management
  • Location rights management
  • Master tables: customer, vendor, employee, vehicle, route, rate, transit time
Operations Finance
  • Booking and Delivery Summary
  • Docket freight booking report
  • Docket Register
  • Docket Flow Analysis
  • Delivery Status Report
  • Daily Movement of Route Vehicles (DMRV)
  • Stock at Hub Report
  • Expected Vehicle Arrival Report
  • Vehicle Booking Summary- Location wise
  • Vehicle Booking Summary- Vendor wise
  • Vehicle Register
  • Accounts
    • Cash & Bank Statement
    • Bank book
    • Issued Cheque Statement
    • General Ledger
  • Route Cost Report
  • Daily Vehicle Expenses
  • Monthly Vehicle Expenses
  • Profitability Report- customer
  • Profitability Report- location
  • Profitability Report- docket wise
  • Bill Register
  • Outstanding Age Analysis
  • Daily Income Report
  • Monthly Income Report
  • Party wise sales summary
  • Payment Collection Report
  • Un-submitted bills report
  • Unbilled Freight Dockets
  • Unbilled Octroi Dockets
  • DCR Summary Report
  • Demurrage Report