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Software for Freight Forwarders and Co-Loaders



Air Freight Management System Software developed by Couriers software aid the shippers supply the packages and goods via air and improve the efficiency of the supply chain. By means of this software, your organization can significantly reduce expenditures and valuable time by avoiding unnecessary delays. Freight Management Software also works round-the-clock, thus helping ACPL access a bigger pool of carriers and you can get deeper visibility of your end-to-end supply chain. Couriers software has an easy tracking and integrated management system for the air freight system.

Via Air Freight management, you can easily compare the charges of various airlines along with the estimated prices of the service. You can even manage negotiated rates. Also, the record can be stored and accessed at the central hub rather than the conventional way of maintaining records. The service adds to streamlining supply chain operations. The chance of human-induced errors will also be eradicated from the process. The service tax, Fuel charges, and customs clearance value are readily calculated so that expenses can be minimized. The additional feature of reports will help you in maintaining proper records of the shipment by exporting them into PDF and Excel files. They also provide real-time tracking and SMS tracking option is also available. Manifest reports, POD summary reports, Agent performance reports, even customized reports are available. The zone creation facility is also available for every import or export booking.

Air Freight Software

We have wide range of products. Some of them are-


  • Flight Wise Booking and e-Doc print
  • Import Entry
  • Export Entry
  • Online Tracking
  • POD Entry for Delivery
  • Forwarder name and number entry


  • Customer Billing
  • Agent billing
  • Transhipment billing
  • Discount Calculation
  • Invoice List
  • Unbilled Report
  • Slab Wise and Per Kg auto rates
  • Flight Wise rates
  • Xray, CDC, TSP, GBR , Awb Chagres

Cloud Based Application

  • Centralized Data Base
  • Multiple Branch Login
  • Fastest Inscan And Outscan
  • 100 % Data Security
  • Live Tracking

Mobile APP

  • Booking With Mobile App
  • Inscan With Mobile App
  • Outscan With Mobile App
  • Delivery Entry
  • POD Image And Sign Upload

Live Track Customer Portal

  • Mis Report In Customer Portal
  • Invoice List
  • POD Image Show And Download
  • Pickup Request


  • Online Docket With Barcode
  • Barcode Stickers Print
  • Inscan With Barocde
  • Outscan With Barcode


  • Complete Customization
  • Customized Reports
  • Meeting Your Requirements
  • Customized Forms
  • Customized Dashboard