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Easytracking is powerful application for courier Industry. It is a completely integrated software package developed exclusively for the courier industry. "Completely integrated" means one complete application, not a modular-based suite of applications. We have launched Eastracking in many modules. There are different modules for courier, cargo, international freight forwarders, logistics etc; all products are having its own specialty and features. Here we are some overall features of Courier Software..... The package is Specially developed for Franchise based courier who are using many coureirs.

Operation Control Invoice and Accounts
  • Booking (Import)
  • Booking (Export)
  • Home airway bill auto generate
  • Outgoing manifest generation
  • Multi referenbce number entry
  • Forwarding number entry
  • Barcoding / Scanning
  • Multicurrency bill
  • Prrof of delivery
  • POD scanning view
  • Labelling with barcode
  • Loading guide
  • Master aurway bill entry
  • Flight depature and arrival detailst
  • Account copy enrty and updation
  • Airlines billing
  • Agent billing
  • Client billing
  • Automatic rates for all the network (e.g. DHL, Fedex etc)
  • Zone creation facility for different carrier
  • Automatic Invoices
  • Copy rates and zones
  • Different bill format
  • Payment entry
  • Outstanding report
  • Sales reports
  • Excel, PDF exporting
  • Service tax, Fuel charges, FOV, Custom clearnce vaue calculation
  • Online payment option
  • Online payment option
Tracking and POD Updation Reports
  • Realtime tracking
  • Multi mode details of the shipment
  • Web site navigation for DHL, Fdex etc tracking on your site
  • Tracking with referrence and Invoice number
  • Master airway bill tracking
  • SMS tracking option can also be added
  • Manifest reports
  • Agent performance reports
  • POD summary reports
  • Outstanding reports
  • Bill Generation, Collection and Submissions
  • Stationary Strock Report
  • Sales Report
  • ODA , FOV, Docket ,Loading and Unloading , Toll Tax and Other Charges Calculation
  • Cusrtomized more than 50 reports
Website Accounts and Finance
  • Complete web site development
  • Agent login with complete details
  • Cutomer login form
  • Exporting to excel and pdf from website
  • Email facility for booking, invoiceing, manifest etc
  • Complete Centrilized Accounts
  • Client Bill Payment and Entry
  • Vender Bill Payment and Entry
  • Funds Transfer and Statements
  • Client Wise Profitibility
  • Per Docket Wise Profitibiliy
  • Vender Wise Profitibility